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darker_buffy's Journal

The Darker Side of Buffy Summers
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New Rules/Changes as of February 22, 2007


- All posts are requested to be FRIENDS ONLY. From now on, the only way your post MUST be friends only is if you post a manip or ANYTHING that is NSFW.
- When you put in a request to join this community, please make sure you are of age. Your Date of Birth must be posted on your journal info or you will be rejected from the community.
-When posting fanfiction, please use a format above the LJ CUT that tells your readers the pairing, rating, ect.
- When posting more than three icons, please put them behind an LJ CUT.
- All manips, headers, banners, wallpapers belong BEHIND an LJ CUT.
- When taking icons, headers or wallpapers, please COMMENT to the artist.
- When reading fanfiction, please COMMENT and tell the author that you liked it if you in fact, did like it.
- Obviously, this is a BUFFY community that centers around the DARKNESS that she is, so please stick to that theme. I am not going to delete posts because you posted something that WAS NOT dark, but just remember, we try to run with the theme of the community.


Affiliates/Other Communities are found on the Main Page of Darker Buffy.
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